Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fuller Family Update!

Well once again I am playing catch up on my blog. Just posted four new posts if you want to read what has been going on the past five months.

On June 3rd we will be moving back out AZ. We are sad to leave our family and friends here in San Antonio but we know the Lord wants us back in AZ. I have been busy packing and dejunking our house.

At the end of April I flew out to AZ to find us a home. I couldn't believe how expensive and hard rentals were to find in the east valley. We also looked at homes to buy but I do not want to buy something feeling rushed. Luckily some friends of ours are moving to Oklahoma and are allowing us to live in their house until we can find a house to buy. I am excited and nervous about the move. I do not do very well with change.

Brayden is turning five next week. He has enjoyed going to preschool this past year. He loves playing with his friends, playing with his little sister, boating, and riding the rides at six flags. He is very outgoing and loves to talk. Oh and he loves anything related to spiderman. I bet you can guess what his birthday party theme will be. I hope to put him in soccer, basketball, and gymnastics when we get out to AZ.

Brielle just turned 18 months. She is our little sweetheart. She loves playing with her big brother, playing with jewelry, eating, climbing, and getting into things so mommy has to clean after her all day. I am so grateful Heavenly Father sent her to us. She brings so much joy and laughter to our family.

Jeff has kept very busy with his vending equipment business. I thank my family and friends in AZ that have invited Jeff over for Sunday dinners or have invited him to do fun activities on the weekend. We can't wait to be a united as a family again.

I have been working as a nursery leader in my ward since January. It has been the perfect calling since Brielle has been able to go with me to nursery since she was 14 months. She loves nursery.

We are excited to hang with our family and friends in AZ. Let me know of events going on AZ. I would love to come and be apart of them!

Mission Call!

My baby sister Melissa just graduated from BYU in December. She decided last summer that she wanted to serve a mission after graduation. On March 18th she found out that she will be going to the Atlanta North, Georgia Mission. She reports to the MTC June 22nd. We are all so excited for her.

Melissa has been living with me since January. In December we knew Jeff would need to spend more time AZ for work. Due to Christmas, weddings, and other family events Jeff and I have seen each other at least every three weeks. It has been nice having Melissa here with me in San Antonio. She has basically been my part-time nanny. She also has helped me with the long drives back and forth from Texas to AZ these past couple of months. We have had fun shopping together for her mission clothes and just hanging out. I would definitely say we have grown closer together as sisters.

Mark and Melissa's wedding!

Because my dad's reception was January 29th and Mark and Melissa's wedding was February 21st I decided to stay in AZ for three weeks. I was able to go to Melissa's bridal shower which was alot of fun. It was windy, overcast, and rainy on their wedding day. Unusual weather for Phoenix in February. Luckily they were able to do some of their pictures the day before. Here they are walking out of the temple as Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fuller! Melissa was a beautiful bride! So happy to have her in the family. I had to take some candid shots of Brielle and Brayden waiting on the temple steps for the bride and groom to come out.

Fuller family picture with Grandma Fuller-Smith and Grandpa Smith.

Extended Fuller Family picture!

Brayden loves his Uncle Foo-Foo.

I can't believe seven years ago (2/7/04) Jeff and I were married here at the Mesa Temple. Look how our family has grown in seven years.

The original Fuller Five. I am so excited that on of Jeff's brothers got married. It is about time. We have not had a wedding since Jeff and I got married. Brayden and Brielle need cousins to play with on the Fuller side. No pressure Mark and Melissa!

After the wedding we had a luncheon at the church building Melissa'a family attends. We had yummy Mexican food. The reception was held at a house of one of Melissa's families good friends. It was decorated beautifully in red and black. We had yummy pulled pork. It was a wonderful day!

Brayden is already turning into a ladies man. This is one of Melissa's cousins daughters. Brayden was holding hands with her by the end of the reception.

Fuller girls posing for pictures!

Dad and Susan's Reception

At the end of January I drove back out to Arizona to attend my Dad and Susan's wedding reception. They were married at the courthouse in November but they wanted to do a ring ceremony and reception with all their family friends at the end of January. My Dad's brother Bob and his wife Darlene flew from Wyoming to be with us. Here is a picture of my family with with my Aunt and Uncle and some of my cousins from my Dad's side of the family. It was fun celebrating with family and friends!

On my Mexican side of the family it is tradition to do a dollar dance. Here is Brayden dancing with Susan during the dollar dance.

Brayden loves his cousin Carly. He has told me multiple times he is going to marry Carly! I am sure in a few years he will change his mind. Here they are dancing. Carly definitely took the lead and even had Brayden twirl her multiple times.

My sisters and I with the Bride!

Christmas 2010

Once again for Christmas this year we went to Arizona. We were able to spend time with my side of the family and Jeff's. All of Jeff's parents and siblings came out to AZ as well. We went to golf land, shopped, ate really good food at all our favorite restaurants, played games, and visited family and friends. This is a picture of me with Brayden and my niece Carly. Brayden and Carly four years old. They both were so excited for Santa!

Brielle with my nephew Bradly!

My sister Jonelle with her two kids, my sister-in-law Shawna, and me and my two kids. I think it is neat that my siblings like hanging out with Jeff's brothers and sisters.

Christmas Eve we went over to my Dad's and his new wife Susan's house. We had blast eating homemade tamales and opening presents.

This is a picture of me with my two sisters and my mom's best friend Karen. Karen has known me since I was four. We have spent many holidays together and she and her husband Charlie were there with with us when we all watched my mother pass away. I love Karen so much! She makes holidays so much more exciting!

Melissa and I are here with my step mom Susan. My Dad married Susan on November 30th, 2010. Susan has definitely helped to stabilize my father. She has been such a blessing in our family.

My brother-in-law Mark proposed to Melissa Hoopes right around Christmas. Melissa is from Mesa AZ so we spent Christmas afternoon hanging out and eating with her family. We are so excited for Mark and Melissa!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Preschool Christmas program!

Brayden has been attending a baptist preschool here in San Antonio. This preschool was recommended to me by many women in my ward and I have to say it has been awesome! Brayden goes to preschool every Tuesday and Thursday from 9-2p.m. He loves it. Every year they have a Christmas program where the children dress in costumes and act out the birth of Jesus. The costumes were amazing, the music was beautiful, and my heart was so touched to see these little ones play the nativity characters. Brayden was the banner bearer. He held a sign that said Jesus and he led the three kings out. He looked adorable. Here are some pictures from the program. Aren't the little Mary and Joseph so cute?

I love my little boy! He is getting so big.

Here is my little banner bearer.

Grandma and Aunt Shawna came as well to see Brayden. We missed you Daddy. Can't wait to show you the video of his program!

Thanksgiving Weekend!

For Thanksgiving this year we celebrated it at the Lake House. All of Jeff's siblings flew into Texas and Jeff's brother Mark also brought his girlfriend Melissa. We ate lots of good food, played games (especially scum), went for a boat ride, learned how to dance the cha cha, went black Friday shopping, and went to six flags! We had a blast! Here are some pictures from our fun filled weekend! This first picture is Brielle riding for the first time on the boat. I think she liked it

Picture of the Fuller family!

Just arriving at six flags. Don't we look thrilled?

The first ride we all rode was the wiggles airplane ride. We all did it for Brayden. Here is Mark with his girlfriend Melissa. Aren't they adorable?

Brielle loved playing in Grandma's fridge. I guess she felt like she fit perfect in it.

Look who is one?

Are sweet Bri turned one on November 3rd. On her actual birthday Brielle went to mutual with me. My beehives love her to pieces! She got many hugs and kisses on her birthday! Brielle weighs just barely 20 pounds at 12 months. She says mama and dada. She loves her bottles (they will be hard to take away) and she is definitely a mamas girls. She loves pulling her adorable bows out and it drives me nuts. Her eyes cannot decide if they are going to be blue or brown and her hair is still deciding if it will be brown or blond. We might have a very indecisive teenager on our hands one day.
Jeff has been traveling a great deal so we decided to have her 1st birthday party on Thanksgiving since all of Jeff's siblings came out to Texas. Ironically Brielle was due Thanksgiving day but she arrived 3 and half weeks early.
I love her big smiles. She lights up my day when she smiles at me!

Here is Brielle with her three moms.

She loved her birthday cupcake! Confetti cake with homemade cream cheese frosting is so yummy!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fuller Update

Well, I have to say I have a love hate relationship with my blog. I always want to post things on my blog, but then time goes by and I still haven't done it. I have this thing about posting things in the order they happen. I just can't post about Halloween if my Easter pictures have not been put up. Does anyone else have this problem? Today I did 13 new posts. If you want to check out what the Fuller's have been up these past six months just read the 13 new posts below.

Fall is here!

Once again my favorite time of year is here. I love October! Starting back in September I decided I was going to finally buy Halloween decorations. I have had them up since the middle of September so I could enjoy them as long as possible. Here are some pictures of how it turned out. Let me know what you think. I found these pumpkin cupcakes at Kohls! The big one is a cookie jar and the small ones are candles. The table square is fabric I picked up at Hobby Lobby. Gotta love that store.

My mother-in law came up with the idea to sprinkle the candy corn around the giant cupcake. I think it gave it just the right touch.

Normally these keys are hanging from red ribbon but I changed it to orange to give it that Halloween touch.
The jars I got at Ross and Michaels. The small pumpkins are from pier one, the large ones are from Ross, and the black ornaments are from Hobby Lobby.

I just love these argyle pumpkins! Found these at my favorite store.. Hobby Lobby!

The table round skirt is from Kirklands. I love how it mixes polka dots, damask, and spider webs together. Suckers are from Wal-mart. I wanted black, white, and orange pinwheel suckers but I never found them. Eventually I would like to find some type of orange glitter balls or pompoms to hang from the black branches.

We got season passes this year to Six Flags. This is us three weeks ago enjoying Fright Fest at Six Flags. Oh how the weather has been perfect in San Antonio since the beginning of October. Another reason why I love October. Happy Halloween!